Working Waterfront Information

Please link to Maine Coast Fishermen Association Blog Links to learn more about how to access direct care, exercises and management for Fishermen Wellness. Here is the latest on Grip Strength Working Waterfront Information

Our library is located in the heart of Cundy’s Harbor. Part of our mission is to provide information about the working waterfront; news articles, events, links to webinars, links to waterfront organizations, and purchase materials related to this vital industry which is a mainstay for this community and Harpswell itself.

Fishing Forward is a podcast inspired by fishermen, for fishermen, with a focus on health, safety, and staying shipshape in the commercial fishing industry. Fishing Forward is funded by The Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety, and produced by the team at Coastal Routes Radio at the University of Guelph.

Here in Harpswell we have many organizations that are concerned about our Working Waterfront. Here is a list of several that you can contact for information regarding life on this 216 miles of coastal waterfront with Harpswell having 24 square miles of land total.

Harpswell Town Offices Coastal Resources and the Coastal Management Plan

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust The mission is to preserve and protect Harpswell’s natural resources, cultural heritage, and access to the outdoors now and forever through conservation, stewardship, and education.

Harpswell Invasive Plant Partnership

Quahog Bay Conservancy

Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association The Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association works to enhance the sustainability of Maine’s fisheries by advocating for the needs of community-based fishermen and the environmental restoration of the Gulf of Maine.

Holbrook Community Foundation To provide for the long term protection of the coastal heritage of Harpswell by preserving Holbrook’s working waterfront, supporting commercial fishing and providing opportunities for education about our marine environment to the local community.

New Meadows River Shellfish Cooperative “Collaboratively growing the highest-quality shellfish on locally-owned family farms that promote ecological sustainability while respecting the shared usage of the New Meadows River Region.”

The Harpswell Anchor

Here is the link to NOAA Fisheries for the New England Mid-Atlantic Fishing News

This link provides Information on the permits (vessel, dealer and operator permits) and other fishing authorizations that are required in order to participate in the Greater Atlantic Region’s fisheries. This includes data reports and analyses to support and evaluate the region’s fishery management programs.

Link to Right Whale

Here is a video about ropeless technologies for lobstering

Link to Recreational Fishing Here’s what you need to know before you go fishing in federal waters from Maine to North Carolina. This includes species, permits, charter and party regulations and more