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“YOU ARE OPEN … Got Anything Good to Read for me?

Patron Requests are always welcomed … Either call, email or come in and sign the clipboard to request new books.

October 2021

This month is national seafood month and cookbook month. The library has added several new Maine authored cookbooks. As you prepare or head out to order your seafood; come check out our cookbooks with recipes for the usual favorites like lobster, scallops, haddock and cod. But you can also broaden your palate with new recipes using your favorites or even add a new lesser known fish dish.

Two books with the title Landslide were requested: The first is by a local Maine author Susan Conley, explores life of a fishing family while the second is a biography of Trump’s final days as President. We have those and many others added to our Maine mysteries and the latest Erin Hildbrand “Golden Girl”.

My latest questions have centered on historical books about the Harpswell area.The latest is one written by local contributers. Undeterred by the cancellation of the Maine Bicentennial Celebration, a book was created. Have you wondered about the earliest settlers of Harpswell? Edward Coffin’s book, The Early Settlers of Harpswell has the names, occupations (cordwainer caulker, rigger, and shipwright) where theyand family members lived plus more. Alexander, Dunning, Haskell, Pinkham, Sinnett, Snow, Ewing, and Coombs and Webber are listed in this easy to read Who’s Who of Harpswell. Another book by Elsa Martz, Cundy’s Harbor Voices is a look back at her community. Another great book with short stories that include this area is The Romance of Casco Bay by Edward Rowe Snow. This features ship wrecks, priates and lost treasure.

This long hiatus of “closed to browsing” is over. It has been hard on us all. Today as I put out the open flag, a family arrived. Donning my nautical mask. I greeted them and escorted them up our stairs. These were children and a mother whom I have not seen in over a year! But as library staff know, you remember your readers. In February I had been reviewing books for young adults and I had remembered this teens favorite genre. Set in the Maine woods, this thriller had her elements of a Good Read. Thriller yes, and both she and I were thrilled.

This new section of the Cundy’s Harbor website focuses on book questions you have posed to us. This week I am going research out a request about Maine Mystery Series. Specifically who are the authors, what is there series overall theme (main character, occupation, elements like recipes or knots), and lastly, do you need to read them in order?


Maine Mystery Authors Who is in our Maine collection? Probably there are differences between libraries as to who is designated as a Maine author. Here at our library, a Maine mystery author CAN BE someone who is a native, lives here now, or lives elsewhere but has roots in Maine with Maine as a major element to their series.