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Maine libraries are updating information for tax filing. Curtis Memorial has an excellent resource. The instruction booklets and forms can be picked up outside the Cundy’s Harbor Library in the “Wee Free Library” or request for Curbside. we will refill the forms as needed.

The Maine CDC Vaccine Information Line is up and running!

You can now call (866) 962-6062 with general vaccination questions.
Phone line hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

The hope is to reduce the number of vaccination-related questions and comments to otherwise busy phone lines.

Among the questions answered and information received by representatives on the vaccine information line includes:

1) When and where can I receive a COVID-19 vaccine?
2) When and where can my employees receive COVID-19 vaccines?
3) Which State of Maine COVID-19 vaccination phase do I fall under?
4) Which State of Maine COVID-19 vaccination phase do my employees fall under?
5) Why is (insert occupation) receiving the COVID-19 vaccine ahead of my occupation?
6) Why are individuals younger and/or in better health than myself receiving the COVID-19 vaccine before I am?
7) What are the high-risk medical conditions that deem an individual eligible for Phase 1b of the State of Maine’s COVID-19 vaccination plan?
8) I am allergic to ____. Is it safe for me to receive a COVID-19 vaccine?
9) I had an adverse reaction to the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Is it safe for me to receive the second vaccine dose?
10) I received my first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine from another state. Can I receive my second dose in Maine?
11) I am not a Maine resident. Can I receive a COVID-19 vaccine in Maine?
12) I had/have COVID-19. Can I still receive a COVID-19 vaccine?
13) How do I know if I successfully pre-registered for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment?
14) I received a phone call from (insert phone number) to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment. How do I know if the call was from a legitimate vaccine provider?
15) Questions from health care professionals regarding COVID-19 vaccination of their staff or patients (these questions will be forwarded to the Maine Immunization Program or pharmacy partnership program as indicated).
16) Questions regarding COVID-19 vaccination data in Maine.
17) Suggestions, concerns, and complaints regarding the COVID-19 vaccination plan in Maine.
18) Advocacy for inclusion of a particular occupation or high-risk medical condition in Phase 1b of the State of Maine’s vaccination plan.

Along with the above list, call line representatives can answer any additional COVID-19 vaccine-related questions.

Do you need the Internet or a LapTop?

Curtis Memorial Library has a solution. Either you can borrow directly from Curtis or with your Cundys Harbor library card, you can request it from us and receive it curbside.



All those familiar names! You hear them and see them everywhere. Roads, Coves, and mailboxes … Stover, Snow, Merryman, Allen, Curtis, Estes, Bailey and Wilson all built vessels. Captains names included Bibber, Dunning, Johnson, Orr, Toothaker and Dyer. The brochure is available on request from the library.

Cundy’s Harbor Library is a small,  accessible, public library serving the residents of Harpswell, Maine, particularly those living in Cundy’s Harbor and on Great Island. The library’s mission is to offer community members of all ages a collection of popular books and other materials.Our collection features  Maine histories and authors.

The library provides access to technology with free WiFi. When we open again to patrons, we will continue to have our books you may request from LibraryWorld and a local site for books requested on Minerva. We strive to be a central point of information dissemination within the community.

New at the library

The Four Winds

by Kristin Hannah

Successful Aging

by Daniel Levitin

On the Way to the Wedding

by Quinn

When He Was Wicked

by Quinn

Lives of Consequence

by Wells

News and notes

New Titles and Books into Video

Netflix has added the Bridgerton Series to his offerings. If you like period Historical Romance that is well written and a quick read for the days when the snow is piling up then this may be your escape. We have several new titles form this series.

Maybe you want nonfiction? We are fortunate to have the nonfiction collection of ecology and environmental texts from a local author and educator. Authors include Rachel Carson, Eliot Porter, Unger and Kline.

Tax Information

The libraries in Maine are updating resources for tax filings. Curtis Memorial has an excellent resource page

Tech Time

There will be no Tech Time on Thursdays until further notification. If you have a question, please email us and we can help you or direct to others who can.

Library Closure

The Library will be closed to patrons until further notice. Like the many other small libraries across the state, we are providing curbside pick up as well as updates on our Facebook page. Our backyard allows patrons to use FREE WiFi. We have outdoor seating so come enjoy the view, read and eBook or audiobook, as you use the internet.

If the library is closed due to the weather, you will find the announcement here and on our Facebook page. You can also call the library and there will be a message.